Thigh-Pocket Band Insulin Pump Case-Solid Colors by DIABAND

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Insulin pump band-style case with pocket designed for an active lifestyle!!

  • Perfect for Omnipod, CGM, insulin pumps, iPhone, and other electronic device
  • Designed with a special gripper elastic to ensure the band will NOT slip during wear!
  • Special gripper elastic ensures the contents of the pocket will remain secure!
  • Ergonomic design – Features an easy slip-on design that stretches over the thigh allowing for complete freedom of movement and protection
  • Made of moisture wicking technology that keeps your pump, monitor, or other electronic device safe from moisture to accommodate an active lifestyle
  • Compression fit to securely protect and hold your pump or other devices
  • Assembled from quality, breathable material that stretches to size

Special Notes:

  • Select a size that most closely corresponds to the area you will wear the band.
  • Actual band will be 25% smaller than the size ordered as it stretches for a comfortable compression fit. 
  • For a "Custom" size, please add your thigh size in inches in the Notes section to ensure a tailored fit

Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable
  • Air dry for best results

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