"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Helen was right, wasn't she?  At The Useless Pancreas, we rely on our many talented partners to share their unique, high-quality goods with the Type 1 diabetic community.  

We thank all of our wonderful  bloggers, authors, coaches, and vendors, whether they are individuals selling items to support their cause, or businesses large and small!   You all make a big difference to our Type 1 diabetic community!  

3DDreamMaker - Your one-stop-shop for 3D printed wonders that alleviate some challenges faced by T1 diabetics.

4AllFamily - The most performant medical insulin cooler and portable fridge for medicines. Keeps drugs cool for up to 72 hours and TSA-approved for travels. 

A1C Insulin Pump Cases - Mark at A1C pump cases engineered and creates durable cases and holsters to hold insulin pumps securely.  

Ambrosia Systems Inc - View your glucose reading on mobile phones (iPhone and Android) and Smart watches every 5 minutes!

Angela Cleveland, M.S.Ed., M.Ed., M.A. -  Inspired by her nephew's courage, Ms. Cleveland authored Peter's Special Concoction: How A Little Boy Learned To Manage Type 1 Diabetes.  

A Silly Patch - We have you covered!  Find silly adhesive patches to cover all devices!

Ayuda Life - The surest way to fill your Tandem® t:slim insulin cartridge.
Take the guesswork out of finding your fillport.

BANDIwear - Enjoy a Hands-Free Lifestyle with BANDI!  Stash your stuff, not your style!

Bits of Joy - creating pieces that will bring you JOY!  Check out my "Happy Mail Packages" and other joyful products that have been known to be shipped with confetti!  

Breezy Packs -  Provides cooling cases that beat the heat!

Buddy Patches - Our Patch, Your Spirit!  Hundreds of designs to express yourselves.  

Chronically Caffeinated Mom - Empowering T1D warriors with creativity and mom-infused merchandise!

Dazzling Pump Pouches - Elevating insulin pump cases to a whole new level of fabulousness!

Diaband - Shielding insulin pumps, because worrying about protection should be the last thing on our minds.

Dia-Be-Tees - Spreading diabetes awareness one stylish, cute, humorous, and fun tee at a time.

Diabetes Secure - Innovative products for people with diabetes to make life easier and safer.

Diabetic Athletic Lifestyle Accelerator - Nicholas's program and coaching sessions can help you lose fat, build muscle, sharpen your mental game, improve your emotional intelligence, increase your time in range, and improve your current A1c.  

Diabetic Supply -  Where style and diabetes management go hand in hand, because you deserve to rock it!

Diabetic Wear - Provides handcrafted insulin vial holders keeping your medication secure.

Diabitys -  Making Diabetes Pretty!  

DKIT - Diabetes just got more organized!

EXODOS Copenhagen -  Luxurious handcrafted leather insulin cases for a lifetime of stylish diabetes management.

Flight Underwear - Have the peace of mind that your belongings aren't going anywhere.

FlipBeltsThe FlipBelt keeps you connected, safe, and worry free on your run by securing your phone and personal items with minimum bounce and zero chafing.

FLOCK Foods - Our super tasty, crispy chicken chips, are made from 100% real chicken, low in carbs & high in protein.

Freedom Bands For Diabetics -  "Dexgone No More!" Freedom bands have you covered, whether you're climbing Mount Everest or just into bed after a long day!

FRIO - FRIO insulin cooling cases offer peace of mind! No Icepacks, Ever Again!

Fusion Belts - As seen on QVC, The View, Zulily, & Good Morning America, Fusion Belts provide a stylish and functional solution to carry your insulin pump, PDM, phone, and other items.  

Glucology™ - a bespoke brand and line of diabetic support products designed in Australia.

GoGirlyGarter Carry everything in your purse, hands-free and safely tucked away. Perfect for insulin pumps, medical devices, travel & more! 

Good Measure - Finally, snacks made entirely with your needs in mind. Packed with wholesome ingredients precisely mixed for satisfying taste and texture — and little impact on blood sugar. All in Good Measure.

Grey Bear & Co. - Raising diabetes awareness through handcrafted accessories made with love.

Higher Haas Innovations -  Making T1D life easier, safer, and lighter with healthcare accessories.

Hundred Streetwear - Empowering the T1D community with style and purpose.

Joydays - Joy-filled, guilt-free snacks leaving blood sugar worries behind.

Ludwig Design - Let type 1 diabetes decals travel with you. Display type 1 diabetes decals and raise awareness wherever you drive.

MBK Wear - Pajamas with Pockets and Purpose!

Medicool, Inc. - Must-have products to make T1D living easy!

Myabetic - Feel supported and prepared each day with Myabetic's diabetes bags, cases, and other accessories.  

MyID - MyID is a comprehensive medical ID solution that provides an easy way to access, store, and manage your health information.

MysticNPrints - Offers custom-created 3D Printed Dexcom Covers that can help you get a better night's sleep!

Nick Kundrat - At 22 years old, Nick, an author, exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and integrative health coach living with diabetes since age 4, has a passion for helping others get back to their roots, move better and feel their best through holistic practices. 

Not Just A Patch - More than just a patch that makes life easier, gives you more confidence while wearing your sensor, all while having some fun with self-expression!

NRG - The Best-Tasting, chef-inspired protein bar that offers natural nutrition in a convenient size.

Our Pocket Hero - Celebrating your TYPE, empowering kids to be kids. Fashion for incredible kids with diabetes.

Parents of Type 1 Diabetics Marketplace - A Facebook group used to promote your at-home businesses, home parties, raising money for JDRF, and other Type 1 related goods.

Patchabetes - "We've Got You Covered!"  Find hypoallergenic, 100% medical-grade adhesive patches that are non-irritating to most skin types.

Pimp My Diabetes - Add a bit of color and fun to your diabetes life with these stylish accessories for your Dexcom, insulin pump, or PDM.

Pimp Your Pump -  Inspiring children with insulin pumps to embrace their uniqueness with confidence.

PJ Creations, LLC - Positively Jules Creations brings out positive vibes for those who have faced health issues and life's ups and downs. 

Plus Patches - Offers highly engineered tape products that would help diabetics secure and forget about their device.

Pocket Bra - Fashionable, sexy and comfortable while keeping your personal items safe, secure and within reach at all times.

Pulse Custom - Custom diabetic accessories for your device and unique clothing & gifts!

Pumpskynz - Wear your devices loud and proud.

RockADex Australia - Fun supplies to personalize your equipment!

Ruby Limes - More comfort, Less stress. Undergarments with secret pocket to carry your pump.

Skirt My Pump -  a patent pending undergarment that allows you to easily stay connected to your insulin pump while wearing a dress or skirt.  We can now say, “yes," to the skirt and the dress!

Snugz Bands - Making life with diabetes (or any disability) easier, stylish, and filled with fun.

SPIBelt - offering specialty belts for children & adults with Type 1 diabetes. 

Spoonie Threads - "Love Your Spoonie Self"  Enjoy our adaptive apparel and accessories that bring style, comfort, and confidence. 

Stacey Simms - As a writer, broadcaster, speaker, and diabetes mom, Stacey Simms helps T1D parents through her Diabetes Connections podcast and her book The World's Worst Diabetes Mom.  

StayPut Medical - Shop pre-sized, pre-cut adhesives designed for clinical functionality, maximum device coverage and everyday durability. 

Stick2Hope - Continuous Glucose Monitor Tape to Secure your Diabetic Device

StoWELL - Sleep WELL! Rest in comfort and style with your insulin pump.

Sugar Medical - Life with diabetes is not easy. That’s why Sugar Medical set out to design travel bags, cases, backpacks, and silicone device covers that make managing diabetes a bit easier.

SugarFam - We've Got You Covered! Transform your device into an accessory you can wear with pride!

T1 Secura - Making your T1D journey a little easier with insulin pump holsters.

T1 Simple Solutions - Crafting Kydex insulin pump holsters with care, one masterpiece at a time.

T1Decals - Colorful decals for all your diabetes devices!  

T1-ME - Making your life with diabetes easier!

T1 Warrior World - Sleeves created by Laura & Cathy--sisters & Moms to T1s. An alternative to overlay patches! 

TempraMed - Protecting medications in order to save lives

The Diabetic Survivor - Eco-friendly diabetic t-shirts and accessories for all ages!

The Diabetic Travelers Network - Let Julie show you how to travel without diabetes and blood sugar coming in your way.

ThisDiabetic - TACKLE DIABETES with ThisDiabetic. Diabetic supplies & gifts - making life easier.

TickleFLEX - Helping others to make self-injecting a safer, more comfortable, more consistent and worry free process.  

TuckTop - Find your solution in one of TuckTop's nine - yes nine! - pockets.

Type1Tactical - Our mission is to improve quality of life by making the impossible, possible. Purchase your holster today and never break a pump clip again!

Type One Style - Add personality to your diabetes journey!

TypeOneLiving - Diabetes workout gear and bracelets to rock your diabetes status.

UCAN - Powered by super starch, backed by science!  

Unique Home by TandC - Shop that brings awareness and inclusive gifts to Type 1 Diabetics!

Universal Medical Data: Custom Engraved Medical IDs Designed For You and Your Family!

UnRange - Medical doesn't have to look medical. Embrace a modern and discreet design meant to blend into your everyday life. 

Vial Safe - Never worry about breaking a vial again!  

Xeteor.Com - Makes shopping for diabetic supplies simple and stress-free.

Yerachmiel B. Altman - As a Type 1 diabetic for almost 60 years, one of the first users of the insulin pump and later the CGM, an engineer, and most recently an author, has inspired many newly diagnosed adults and children learn how to manage the daily challenges of Type 1 diabetes.  

Thank you again for your support of our T1D community!