Protect Your Pump or PDM

Do you wear an insulin pump?  We’ve got a holster/case to hold and protect your Tandem, Medtronic, Freestyle Libre, and even your new Omnipod 5 PDM!  

Shop from Type 1 Tactical, T1 Simple Solutions, T1 Secura, A1C Pump Cases, Deck My Diabetes, RockADex Australia, Sugar Medical, etc to find just the right product to meet your needs!

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Tired Of Scanning Your Libre??

Did you know that you can now transmit your glucose readings to a mobile app enabling Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) on the go? Want to see your readings on your Apple Watch without using your phone? Ambrosia's Waterproof Nightrider BluCon is now available on The Useless Pancreas!

A Useless Recommendation

Medical Alert Bracelets: Why You Should Strongly Consider Wearing One

If you’re not already wearing a medical alert bracelet or carrying a medical information card, you should strongly consider it.  It could save your life!  

First and foremost, if you’re going to wear a medical alert, it should be a bracelet.  The first thing an EMT or paramedic will check in an emergency is your pulse--on your wrist.  And the first thing they should know when they are assisting you is that you are an insulin dependent diabetic.  

Secondly, if you are unable to convey information to the paramedics, they will need to know more about your medical history, allergens, and medications that you are taking.  It is important to have these bits of information clearly expressed on your medical alert bracelet, in a clear, concise manner.  

Lastly, they should know how to contact your loved ones “in case of an emergency,” which is frequently abbreviated “ICE.”  Your medical alert should include at least one phone number to reach your emergency contact.

Shop now to find the perfect medical alert bracelet for you or your loved one!

Useless Product Solutions

Need A Good Night's Sleep?

Sleeping well while wearing an insulin pump or other device can be a challenge, Check out some of these product solutions to help you or the T1D in your life get a better night's rest!