T1-me™ Reusable Omnipod Cover Superheroes Pack of 3

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😊 Express your diabetes with our Reusable T1me Omnipod Cover! Show the world your colours, your mood, your great taste! Match it with your style.
Make it fun!

😊 Reusable and easy to use! Use it over and over again. Easy to apply and remove with your regular device change. High quality, made from thin, flexible plastic, fits perfectly and its light weight.
Change your Omnipod with style!

😊 You can match and wear it together with your T1me Reusable Freestyle Libre Cover or T1me Reusable Dexcom Cover.
Show off with your favourite designs!

😊 Use it as usual. Does not interfere with wireless connectivity or proper functioning of your device.
Just enjoy!

😊 The covers are made from easily recyclable, flexible plastic. Clean it by hand. Contact with heat can interfere with cover fit.
Fits perfectly and its light weight!

*no Omnipod pump included
*T1me™ is not liable for devices not working properly
*all photos, colours, prints are only indicative and approximate

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