Why sell with us?

It's not just about being cool (even though we know you are).  It's about making an impact on the Type 1 diabetic community by offering your products and services that will make a difference in other's lives.  But since you asked, here are a few more reasons to join: 


Setup shop simple and fast.  

Who likes to wait?  We'll help you create your online store and get your listings up in no time flat!   If you have an existing store on Shopify, Etsy or Amazon, we can move even faster! 


We sell for you. 

No need to do all the work yourself!  Not only do we have a growing affiliate network, but we promote your products through social media ads, Google search results, bloggers and community influencers.  


Reasonable Fees

High fees are definitely no fun and we like to have fun around here!  Whether you're a sole proprietor working out of your garage or a large retailer with an established customer base, we'll tailor our fees to your situation to ensure that you're making a profit while growing your business.



Friendly Service

You're never alone.  We're here to guide you every step of the way!  


How it Works 

It's really simple.  Three easy steps below. 



Create Your Shop

Contact us and we'll help you create your shop and list your products.  Your shop has a unique link that will allow you to share your listings. 

Make a Sale

Leave the payment processing to us!  The Useless Pancreas accepts all major forms of payment including credit cards, PayPal and more.  Once your sale is made, we'll send you everything needed to fulfill and ship your order.  You can see your sales and manage your orders within your store's dashboard. 


Get Paid

You choose how you get paid.  Your proceeds can be sent via PayPal, bank deposit or check.    


Ready to go? Great!  

If you have questions, we would love to hear from you! Contact us