Type1Tactical Stealth Holster- Compatible with Tandem T:slim *pre-order*

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lead time: all HOLSTERs are custom-made & may take up to 6 WEEKS to ship

Say goodbye to broken pump clips! The Stealth Holster is the perfect solution for carrying your device while providing rugged protection against drops and everyday use.

The Stealth Holster is a slim design for easy concealment and comfort. It is the perfect solution for carrying your pump at the office, the gym, or on the couch. Available in an array of colors. Fits the Tandem T:Slim G4/X2.


1.5″ clip - Our most popular clip option is the 1.5" clip. It will fit most belts 1.5" wide. These clips also work great without a belt. 


Blade Tech clip -  This super heavy-duty clip is built specifically for Law Enforcement and first responders. It is adjustable to fit a wide variety of belts, but is also the largest clip we sell.  It must always be worn with a belt as it locks around it.  

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