MyID Condition Sleeve

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Our MyID Condition Sleeve is the perfect companion for your Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung Gear, Garmin, TicWatch Pro, Disney Magic Bands, and many other forms of wrist wear.Made of flexible surgical grade silicone, the MyID Condition Sleeve can display quick information at a glance. The Sleeve is about the width of a quarter. A good way to see if it fits your band is to hold a quarter up to it.
There is no QR code on this product and is not linkable to your MyID profile. 


Fits wristbands that are approximately the width of a quarter:
Inner Width: 21.7 mm
Inner Height: 2.7 mm
Outer Width: 24.5 mm
Outer Height: 5.5 mm
Length: 8.7 mm
**Please note that custom engraved sleeves do take 30 days for processing.   Thank you in advance for your patience when ordering a custom sleeve.  

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