"Useful" Solutions For Those With A Useless Pancreas: GirlyGoGarter® - The Useless Pancreas

Don't let your insulin pump or other diabetic supplies hold you back or get in your way! The Useless Pancreas now carries the GirlyGoGarter®and the GlitzyGoGarter®--two functional and stylish accessories to make sure your insulin pump stays on securely.

Whether it's your wedding day, or you're out jogging on the trails, GirlyGoGarter® keeps your Omnipod, Tandem, or Medtronic pumps securely fastened and can cover your Dexcom or Freestyle Libre CGMs as well. It can even hold your PDM, cell phone, credit cards, lip balm and lots of other items at the same time! With it's innovated silicone polymer grippers, it has the capability of holding up to 3lbs!

The last things you should be worried about while you are out there having fun are securing your diabetic devices or carrying your stuff! Thank you GirlyGoGarter® for creating a valuable solution benefiting active Type 1 diabetics worldwide!  Shop for GirlyGoGarter® products on The Useless Pancreas.