Introducing our new website: –a “useful”marketplace for Type 1 diabetics and their families!

You voiced the need, we listened! Welcome to The Useless Pancreas, a new niche marketplace specifically for Type 1 diabetics and their families to buy and sell “useful” Type 1 awareness accessories, merchandise, and supplies!

Our Type 1 diabetes community is made up of people with many different missions. Maybe you are the Type 1 who is struggling to control spiking blood sugars? Maybe you have a Type 1 child who is learning how to manage this challenging disease? Maybe you are an advocate for a cure? Whatever your mission, we at the Useless Pancreas hope to build a community of Type 1 diabetics who are there to support each other and share useful products that make our lives more vibrant!

The Useless Pancreas intends to:
  • Include items and services specifically relevant to Type 1 diabetics such as insulin pump accessories, Omnipod snaps, Dexcom patches, Tandem decals, medical alert bracelets, diabetes management books, diabetes awareness clothing and low-carb snacks (just to name a few);
  • Connect Type 1 buyers and sellers in order to further support Type 1 entrepreneurs and their families;
  • Keep listing fees low and cost-effective (because we diabetics spend enough on other supplies already)!
Our vendors are fellow Type 1 diabetics who have found a useful product and wish to share it with others, are parents of diabetic children who have found fun items to help their child manage the disease more effectively and are others who have found some way to cater to Type 1 diabetics through foods, advocacy, or humor. We have all been inspired through our journey and experiences with Type 1 diabetes. We are Type 1 warriors with so much to offer and share! Thank you for becoming part of our amazing Type 1 network!

We hope our community grows to become the #1 go-to place for anything Type 1 diabetes related! And we hope this Useless Blog becomes a “useful” place to showcase products that have helped, feature inspiring stories of fellow Type 1 warriors, and bring awareness to the Type 1 daily challenges. Our pancreases may be useless, but we are Type 1 strong!
December 21, 2020 — Celeste Litt