VIVI Cap: Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case by TempraMed

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Protect Your Insulin And Stay Safe
VIVI Cap protects you and your insulin from damage due to unsafe temperatures, everyday for years.
For every new insulin pen you use, you can replace the pen cap with your VIVI Cap - for immediate protection.
*Fits ALL pens & interchangeable
*24/7/365 protection
*Works every day for years. No maintenance needed!
*No need for water, ice packs, refrigeration, or battery charging
*Recommended by health care professionals
*Scientifically proven and validated
*FSA/HSA Eligible
*Built-in temperature sensor
*Small & lightweight - fits in your purse or pocket

Get Back Your Freedom and Spontaneity

Never cancel or change plans because of anxiety around insulin storage.
VIVI Cap is always ready to go, and doesn't need charging or maintenance!

Patented Technology Developed for Space

Patented technology developed for space and clinically validated in scientific trials. Keeps insulin stable and safe in all temperatures and climates.
*No charging needed -- ever
*No need for cooling packs, ice, or refrigeration
*Always ready to go (no maintenance needed)
*Protects against heat, cold, direct light, and drops
*Lasts for years

How it works

*Replace original
Remove the original insulin pen cap and replace it with the VIVI Cap

*Push to click
Push down the insulin pen into the VIVI Cap and Click

*Green light for temperature assurance.
You’re good to go! Your insulin is protected 24/7/ 365 for years.

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