T1 Warrior Sleeve/Arm Band - Santa Design

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T1 Warrior Sleeves are decorative upper arm sleeves which protect your Warrior's CGM adhesive from peeling off prematurely. Our Patent Pending design is unique, so they won't slip or roll down!
T1 Warrior Sleeves are an awesome and amazing alternative to overlay patches! Just place your CGM according to the manufacturer's directions and place a Warrior Sleeve over it.
Our sleeves were made for AVERAGE size boys and girls ages 2 thru 10.
Size SMALL = Fits Average size 2-4 yr olds
Size MEDIUM = Fits Average size 5-7 yr olds
Size LARGE = Fits Average size 8-10 yr olds
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: T1 Warrior Sleeves are made of cotton and must be washed in cold water and either air dried or dryer without heat to maintain size. With this in mind, we had the sleeves made slightly larger to account for shrinkage. We recommend you change and wash your sleeves daily, as they are 100% cotton, machine washable, and reusable!

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