DB1 - StayPut Patch – 1.5″ x 1″ Hole - 10 Pack (Fits Dexcom G4, G5, & G6)

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StayPut is a breathable, water resistant and patent pending product, intended for utilization as a “skin adhesive for wearable medical devices”.

Patch measures 5 x 3 (inches)

Cutout measures 1.5 x 1 (inches)

Additional Information:

StayPut is an adhesive overlay with a pre-sized and pre-cut hole designed for clinical functionality, maximum device coverage and everyday durability It’s designed to fit the lifestyle of today’s active adult and pediatric patients.

The cutout is 1.5″ long by 1″ wide.

Measurements listed refer to the size of the cut out. The actual size of the StayPut piece is 3”x5”, and can be easily trimmed to fit your individual needs.

Metric Measurements;

The patch is 12.5cm long by 8.75cm.

The hole is 3.75cm by 2.5cm.

*StayPut patches can be trimmed easily (without fraying) StayPut Patches can be trimmed to fit any size body or location of wear. To trim the patch, simply cut with a sharp pair of scissors, prior to applying. Please leave enough of the StayPut, so as to overlap, and thus reinforce, the medical device’s existing adhesive.

*The DB1 StayPut patch fits Dexcom G4, G5, G6, and some infusion sets with similar shapes.

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