Panda Window Insulin Pump Pouch by Dazzling Pump Pouches

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Adorable panda insulin pump pouch for type 1 diabetes and those wearing an insulin pump. It can be made to fit any insulin pump, cgm, or device. This is also great to use as an Epipen case. Our pouches are custom made to fit any device including Medtronic 670G 530 Animas, Tslim, Accu Chek Combo, and Dexcom. If you would like to change the fabric on the pouch let me know upon checkout. Our insulin pump pouches can also accommodate an IPhone upon request. I have a big selection of insulin pump pouches on my site for children and adults. You also receive an attached belt for the pouch which I find works best for having the pouch stay flush with the body. If you prefer a velcro closure belt please l

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