Julie Kiefer's Travel Freely With Diabetes - 60 Minute Intensive Zoom Session

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60-minutes intensive with Julie Kiefer

Have you been thinking of traveling with diabetes but the idea of it makes you feel anxious? There is so much to think about, you don't know where to start and you're scared of wasting time on the wrong steps? You’ve looked online and ask your doctor but still have unanswered questions?

You want to hear advice from someone that has done it and understand what you are going through?

Let the founder of the Diabetic Travelers Network be your guide!

In this session she’ll show you the right steps to travel in full confidence without diabetes and blood sugar coming in your way! You will unlock uncertainties and have clear answers to your burning questions regarding to traveling with diabetes so you can feel ready and safe to travel.

Leave our zoom session together knowing exactly what your next steps are so you can create the trip of your dreams!
Sound exactly what you need?

Book 60 minutes with Julie K. to cover your most burning questions on traveling with diabetes, travel preparation or other – and walk away with clarity and a clear plan of action. Included is a recording of the call so that you don’t miss a thing and can replay it over and over again.


Learn from the DTN founder herself. Julie has traveled to 28 countries in less than 6 years with type 1. She has been to remote countries, navigated through different health care systems when living abroad and has been living a healthy and joyful life with diabetes since 1997.

You’ll receive an email within 24 hours after payment with a link to book your session on her calendar!

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