Jet Black Slim Fusion Belt

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Fusion Belts are a spandex zipper on, ath-leisure belt with two zippered pockets to carry your essentials stylishly and securely! Our patented zipper on design makes Fusion Belts the most user friendly of all activewear belts! Our zipper on design, coupled with our wide range of sizes from XS to 3X/4X, makes Fusion Belts great for all body shapes, sizes, and physical abilities. Fusion Belts are made from a brushed poly-spandex mix so it stays in place and does not ride up. More grip, less slip! Our two large pockets can hold cell phones, water bottles, keys, wallets, IDs, cash, credit cards, and much more! Fusion Belts have a 180°, zippered back pocket and an 8" front pocket with a water resistant lining. Dress it up or dress it down, from the gym to a night out on the town, Fusion Belts will allow you to be Hands Free so you can have a Hands On Life! Our belts are a must for travel! Your valuables will be safe zippered around your hips because of the sleek, layered t-shirt look Fusion Belts create!

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Features: 88% Poly/12% Spandex (Brushed) | Patented Zipper On Design | Two Large Zippered Pockets (One 180° Pocket & One 8" Water Resistant Pocket) | Machine Wash/Tumble Dry

Fusion Belts Can Be Used For:Running/Jogging | Walking | Biking | Traveling | Exercise | Carrying Medications or Devices Such As Insulin Pumps & Asthma Inhalers | Concerts/Sporting Events (Where Backpacks/Fanny Packs Are Not Allowed!) | Dancing | Theme Parks | And Much More.....

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