I can go to summer camp.: A book about type 1 diabetes (Learning to Live with Diabetes for Children)

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Paperback; 46 pages; Publication Date: April 7, 2019; Language: English

Summary: Child with type 1 diabetes finds out about a camp for children with diabetes that his parents are taking him to. Join him in determining what he needs, getting his things together and arriving in camp. He meets other children and the cabin counselors, who also have type 1 diabetes. The book takes the boy through numbers of activities and adventures, showing how his diabetes is taken care of by his counselor as well as a good medical staff. See how the campers swim, hike, camp out in the woods and receive education on diabetes as part of their daily routine. This book will help children thinking about going to camp as well as provide those who already have gone to camp with great memories of the time they spent there.

Editorial Reviews


As an adult endocrinologist, and a person living with type 1 diabetes I have the unique opportunity to learn what people living with type 1 diabetes need to succeed. They need an empathetic ear,patience, knowledge, and the ability to see the lighter side of things. This book is one of the first I've seen to address all of these essential factors and more for a particularly vulnerable group of people with T1D, children. The book takes us through whimsical tale of a summer at a very special camp where children with T1D can go to not feel alone.Thankfully these camps do exist and are a boon to those able to attend. Yerachmiel Altman brings attention to these camps and normalizes in a fun,exciting way the experience to hopefully encourage children with T1D and their parents to think about these wonderful camps as an option. The rhymes in the book are playful but educational and more meaningful in the lessons conveyed than most textbooks. I encourage parents of children with T1D to read the book with their children so everyone can learn together. One of the most important things the book does is lets these children know they are not alone, and I think everyone with type 1 diabetes could use that message.
Jason Sloane MD, Endocrinologist Type 1 diabetic 33 years

This book describes Type 1 Diabetes Camp in an exciting and fun way. It explains common activities, describes the joy of meeting other children with Type 1 Diabetes, and provides a story that is easy for the reader to understand. I've had Type 1 diabetes for 13 years and attended a summer camp as a child, I loved it so much, I now work there asa medical staff member. I think this book will benefit any child who is planning to attend a camp for the first time. Highly recommended!
Hannah Hamlin,4th-year medical student

This book was really neat to read because it is just like the real thing. Camp is my favorite time of the year and I am so lucky that I can go back every year.Reading this book, "I Can Go To Summer Camp" by Yerachmiel Altman, has made me even more excited for diabetes camp this year.
My favorite part of camp is the Dutch Auction like they play in the book, I know that this and other games they play in this book are just as fun as what we do at Camp Kno Koma
Ben Gilmore age 12Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 13 months

"I Can Go To Summer Camp" is another amazing book by Yerachmiel Altman. I've had Diabetes for 44 years and learned so much at Camp Kno Koma in WV. These campsare so important to children with diabetes. Being around other kids who are"just like me" gives them a sense of being normal. At the same time it's an important learning experience. For kids who may be afraid to be away from home, this book can help get rid of the fears they have. I can't wait to add this book to my collection by Mr Altman. They go with me to camp where I now volunteer. The kids love them! These books are a must have for every parent with a diabetic child.
Cheirie Hardy; Surviving & living withdiabetes for 44 years and counting!

There are many great tips in this bookportrayed across and easy for kids of all ages to understand. An example ofthis is to test regularly, take supply and have fun, it shows how fun beingindependent is.
The group of kids share their differences,such as using pumps, injections, blood sugar meters and cgms. Each one similar,inspirational to see and learn about. This book encourages this.
This book allows and makes kids aware rulesneed to be followed like everyone else, diabetic or not, bed time rules stillapply.
This book portrays that you can eatwhatever you wish and have good results if calculations are done correctly.
This book shows many ways to be aware ofyourself and when unwell the rules of the diabetic may be different.
This book reflects of different activitiesand how different sports may impact blood glucose levels. It's widening theunderstanding and importance of regular testing no matter what you are doing.It shows responsibly is exciting!
It gives a sense of hope that diabetes canbe controlled, not matter on what plans you have. It makes me feel lotsof gratitude, that I'm thankful that my condition (with some work) can beperfect.
Amber Macleod, Camper as a child, Type 1diabetic 7 years

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