How do I take care of me? 2nd Edition: A book about Type 1 diabetes (Learning to Live with Diabetes for Children) 2nd Edition

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Paperback; 89 pages; Publication Date: April 23, 2018; Language: English

"How Do I Take Care of Me?" 2nd Edition describes a child's experiences and feelings from when she first felt ill while developing diabetes through diagnosis, subsequent medical examinations and tests. It continues with an overview of daily living, playing, going to school, and other topics that children will be faced with.

The book provides a child with a background concerning testing, medical tools he/she will be using at home and living with as well as a feeling of an ability to return to a normal life.

The book, created with child-sized dolls, has a realistic perspective on children living and learning to thrive with diabetes.

The book covers many areas of daily life including recognizing and treating high and low blood sugars, going to a friend (and being able to eat there), going to school, a school trip, a playground and park. It shows how one can fully participate in all activities as long as one is aware of possible low blood sugar reactions.

The book shows many tools of modern diabetes technology, including patches and stickers to both help hold the infusion sets and glucose sensor on as well as decorating the pumps and receivers.

Editorial Reviews


Yerachmiel Altman has written a wonderful book that will help diabetic children to better understand and cope with their diabetes. The very colorful pictures, and the poetry involved will make the book very interesting, and entertaining to children. It is a very clever and well-presented introduction to the understanding of diabetes. Children will experience less trauma, and have more acceptance of their diabetes after reading this book. I highly recommend this book to all the families of children with type 1 diabetes.
--- Richard Vaughn, 72 yearstype 1 diabetes, diagnosed age 6
author of "Beating the Odds: 64 Years of Diabetes Health."

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