Happy Mail Packages

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These are custom boxes of happy mail! I can send directly to you or your recipient. Please leave shipping addresses and a note if you'd like me to include a hand written gift note. If you are ordering a birthday box, please let me know what date you need it by! 

These boxes are semi custom mystery boxes, meaning you will provide me a list of things your friend loves and I will pick and choose pieces to make for him/her depending on your budget selected! Please note that I may not be able to make you everything and items will be chosen at my discretion. 

I will also include several fun bonus items. This may include notepads, hair scrunchies, planters, a face mask or bath bomb, fun pens, mini lego sets, trinkets, bracelets, and more! The more you spend, the more freebies you get! Assortment will vary and I'll try my best to throw in items that will complement your box.

Please note if you list 10 things and only spend $25, I may not be able to include everything. Again, you are providing me a list of interests, likes, dislikes, so I can create something special for your loved one.

Please leave me enough details to work with. If you only put down "food" and you want to spend $50, I may not have enough to work with.

Good note examples:
"My friend Sarah is turning 10 years old. Her favorite subject is math. She loves soccer and is on the dance team. Her favorite color is pink and teal. She loves cats and dogs. Her favorite place is the beach."

"My Aunt loves gardening, cupcakes, and arts and crafts, especially painting. She has 4 corgis and loves to travel. She likes bright colors and rainbows."

Bad examples:

"Mom likes everything." <<Too little to work with.

"Mary likes pizza, but she only likes it if there's pepperoni, sausage, and pineapples. She loves dogs. I want you to make her a replica of her dog with a pink and red bow tie and it must say Samuel on it." <<This is too specific and would be considered a custom order.

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