Freestyle Libre Rose Gold Mix Design Patches

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Freestyle Libre patches manufactured on a 3M medical-grade hypoallergenic long-wearing tape that wont fray. Patches will come precut to the selected option. Yes, you can also use the full coverage ones on any device; it does NOT have to have a cutout.

Here at RockaDex we understand the importance of securing sensors, CGMs and pumps, so our range of tape and cut-out options for diabetic devices are designed to give you maximum life and protection while looking completely adorable!

Available for any CGM or pump site on the market.


  • Package includes selected quantity of Sensor Patches
  • Split backing for easier application
  • Designed to fit all Libre devices
  • Adorable coloured design
  • Available in many colours/patterns
  • Protect and give life to your Devices.


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