Freestyle Libre/Libre2 Arm and Leg Cover

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This Freestyle Libre/Libre2 Arm and Leg Cover is great for reducing compression lows. Works with the libre and libre2 model, comes in a variety of colors you choose. Simply place over the sensor on arm or leg and secure. Does not interfere with the CGM reading. No more false low readings in the middle of the night! Comes with the option of an elastic band with random color button or use your own way to secure it in place.

For arm and leg

Please check out our store for more great covers including stomach and back for Freestyle Libre/Libre2 Back and Stomach Cover


White - 20" long

Black - 30" long

Color Notes:

Color Changing P2P * - This is a temp (90ish F 32.2ish C) changes from Purple to Pink

Shipping notes:

I have enabled International shipping again but just be aware, if you live in a country that has a travel ban then product will sit in our customs until your travel ban is lifted. Also another thing to note is that customs is taking longer than normal for some countries to deliver to.

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