Freestyle Libre 2" wide adhesive Patches NO inner cut

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The RockaDex 2" Freestyle Libre patches are designed with a full coverage option to help hold your Freestyle Libre in place.

Making sure yourFreestyle Librestays in place can be a hard task regardless of whether you are a child or fully grown adult, so we have created a range ofFreestyle Libre patches perfect for either both children and adults.

We designed the rectangle shape as many of our loyal customers wanted an option without corners! So, using our unique cutting method, we have shaped this patch without any pointy edges.

Our 2" wide patches are made from world leading kinesiology medical tape and will keep your Freestyle Libre secure and help it stay stuck for longer. Our tape is hypoallergenic and latex oxide free, making these not only the toughest choice for everyFreestyle Libreuser, but comfortable for those with sensitive skin.

Freestyle LibreSensors are designed to be replaced every 10 days and our tape is the best way to make this happen. You should replace your patch with each sensor, to ensure your Freestyle Libreis safe and secure and our outrageous designs means you can mix and match or pick a colour that is perfect for you!

OurFreestyle Librepatches are available in a range of colours(choose your colour option above).More images are coming!

Included in this package

  • Selected quantity of Freestyle Libre2" wide no inner cut patches in any single colour


  • Works withFreestyle Libre
  • Secure yourFreestyle Librefor the full sensor life
  • Designed for adults and children
  • Rectangle tape shape
  • Bling your skin with our outrageous or plain colour options
  • Save the tears and time to re-secure your Freestyle Libreto your diabetic champion
  • Select H20 black tape or red/lime pattern/horse shoe options for stickier tape

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