Dexcom Ocean mix Design Patches

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Dexcom patches manufactured on a 3M medical grade hypoallergenic long wearing tape that wont fray. Patches will come precut to the selected option. Yes you can use the full coverage ones on any device it does NOT have to have a cutout.

Here at RockaDex we understand the importance of securing sensors, CGMs and pumps, so our range of tape and cut-out options for diabetic devices are designed to give you maximum life and protection, while looking completely adorable!

Available for any CGM or pump site on the market.


  • Package includes selected quantity of Sensor Patches
  • Split backing for easier application
  • Designed to fit all Dexcom devices
  • Adorable coloured design
  • Available in many colours/patterns
  • Protect and give life to your Devices.

Regular glucose monitoring is essential in managing types 1 and 2 diabetes. With Rockadex’s strong adhesive patches, keeping your devices on throughout the day comes easily, as it helps firmly stick your Dexcom G4/5 and Dexcom G6 Sensors in place!

No Skin Irritations

Our patches suit individuals of all ages and skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Made of non-toxic, kinesiology medical tape with “no” latex, zinc oxide, and other harmful chemicals, it won’t cause itching or any discomfort.

Long-lasting Skin Tapes

Your continuous glucose monitoring devices shouldn’t hold you back from completing your daily activities. Since these patches are resistant to sweat and water, they secure your devices for up to 7 days while you carry on with your usual routine.

10 Patches with Every Purchase

Get more when you purchase from Rockadex. Each set contains 10 patches in fun colors and designs.

Wide Range of Tape and Cut-out Options

Rockadex offers you a variety of cut-out and coverage options to choose from.

  • Split backing
  • Overtape
  • 2” coverage
  • Full coverage

What We Do Beyond Business

A Type 1 family, we designed and manufactured Rockadex adhesive tapes and decals. With every purchase made, we donate a portion of our sales to support the diabetic community.

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