Dexcom G7 4-18" Sensor & 360 Transmitter Cover : Armband 1" Inch Series : Velcro® Band Starter Kit by Freedom Band

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Our very special Armband for the Dexcom G7 offers 360° degrees of fitment, an armband and sensor cover as versatile as you need it to be. Our universal, all-in-one G7 CGM armband transmitter and bandage adhesive cover protection system will pay for itself time and time again and is fun to accessorize.  

The original and patented Freedom Band Armband 360° starter kit for the Dexcom G7 includes everything needed to shield and protect your Dexcom G7 from failing adhesive to sudden sensor removal from activity. This G7 sensor companion clicks into place no matter the direction you've applied your Dexcom G7 which is truly one-of-a-kind.

Every Freedom Band is born with attention to detail, motivated & ready to serve. The multi-length bands and patented case design is unique to itself by allowing users to wear and protect their Dexcom G7 CGM and adhesives, virtually anywhere on the limbs of the body that fit 4-18" inch diameter where the CGM is recommended. This very special shell cover & bands will comfortably flex to about 20" inches in length.

Our one-of-a-kind sleek design provides a secure sensor / transmitter lock-in and holds the Dexcom G7 sensor and adhesive to the body. We've even left a window for your favorite decorative decals. No matter the direction of your G7, enjoy a secure fit every time.

The 1" inch wide durable "Hook & Loop" brand materials is designed to fit all limbs of a diabetic warrior who own the Dexcom G7 between 4" & 18" inches in diameter with added "flexibility".

Sizing is easy. Using a piece of string and tape measure, wrap the string around the area you wish to use the Freedom Band. Wrap around the arm and lay the string on a ruler or tape measure to check your size. If you are within 4-18" inches diameter with some additional flexibility.

Two bands are provided in each order, you can use one to reduce to as small as 4" inches diameter. Add the 2nd band as shown with the included cinch clip to increase flexibility to 18" inches and every size in-between. <br><br> Sizing and use instructional video QR code is included with each purchase on the QR code on the back of the product packaging. Reactivate a loved ones life with peace of mind and freedom of worry free adventure. Custom made in the USA Gift peace of mind.


  • WORLDWIDE Delivery w/ Tracking (concealed & gift ready)
  • One 50/50 Protective "Freedom Shield Case (shown)" w/ Decorative Decal Window (lifetime warranty)
  • 2 Fully Adjustable Soft & Cinch Fabric Covered Elastic Velcro Bands  (limited lifetime warranty)
  • Complete G7 Transmitter Coverage 
  • Perforated & Breathable Machine Washable Bands (washing tie included)
  • Soft-loop Velcro "1" Inch Fully Adjustable Elastic Soft Flex Bands
  • All-In-One Fitment: Arms & Legs (single or combine bands for fitment)
  • Lifetime Shield Case Warranty/Guarantee
  • USA Delivery (3-7 Business Days)
  • 2 Patented Snag Assist Band Release Safety Arms
  • 1" Velcro Patch Customization Ready Bands (add any decorative hook and Loop patch you like. 
  • All-In-One 360 Degree Fitment



Our customers have shared with us times they chose the Freedom Band to protect their G7 transmitter and adhesive bandage from sweat, grime, grit, dirt oils or sudden removal accidents because our system perfectly covers your G7 and the bandage from loss during: 

  • Swimming, Beach & Lakes (shields debris, sand & dirt)
  • Sports (football, baseball, soccer & etc)
  • School Days (parental peace of mind)
  • Camping (snags from trees & bushes)
  • Hiking ( snags, sweat & debris)
  • Running, Jogging & Walking (sweat, slipping & gravity)
  • Weight Training  & Yoga
  • Sleeping & Lounging
  • Dancing & Concerts
  • Karate, Wrestling, Jujitsu & etc.
  • Sporting Events
  • Chores & Housework
  • Skiing Snowboarding, Tubing & etc.
  • Summer Camps
  • Protect Failing Bandages
  • Bathing & Showering
  • Skydiving
  • Fighting Super Villains in Outer Space
  • Anytime!



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