Dexcom G6 3x4" Inch Micro-woven Overlay Adhesive Dexcom G6 Patches : Infiniflex Series : Waterproof by Freedom Band

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Non-latex. Zinc Free. Hypoallergenic. Specially formulated and designed to work alone or seamlessly with our Shell Back and 360 protective case designs or as stand alone adhesive overlay for your G6 Dexcom CGM. This is serious overlay technology, not just a patch for your CGM. 

Independent use and device compatibility includes our specialty Waterproof Tan Skin Texture Dexcom G6 adhesive patches and our soft flexible Infiniflex case designs. Our premium overlay patches will fit ANY overlay G6 guard on the market. They're a little larger "cutout" in the center to accommodate all protective covers. 

The most comfortable system for patch lovers yet.  Our breathable comfort patches are carefully designed to fit perfectly around the case and provide 3.75x4" inches of 360 degrees of adhesive protection and offer a seriously stable platform to hold your transmitter tight.  Ultra-thin, we've created this patch to be lightweight and stretchable no-fray patch edge disturbance. Bathing approved. For best results, wait at least 8 hours before bathing, swimming or heavy activity. Read Clinical Durability Data.

This Dexcom G6 adhesive patch arrives to the world motivated and ready to serve. Carefully crafted from the exact US Brand material used by "well known nose sleep aid breathing strips, who's name we can't mention" you know they're going to stay put and be easy on your skin. Chemically designed in the medical field for a patients skin and medical devices, designed to adhere to the skin for 8-10+ days.  We're very excited to make it available and price conscientious. 

Note: Apply 6-8 hours before bathing for a secure and lasting adhesion.



For best results, apply our patches to clean and prepared skin. The only overlay designed with a 4 part backing to apply the most perfect adhesion you've experienced, wrinkle free.  Watch the application video to help achieve best results. Use in conjunction with the system provided by Dexcom, an added layer of invisible, waterproof protection.


This Dexcom G6 overlay patch, combined with the protective bands, guards and cases we offer, depending on your activity you can provide your loved one with absolute peace of mind, during initial application, during the lifespan and beyond your initial application. Carefully crafted from the exact leading industry material used by "well known nose sleep aid breathing strips", who's name we cannot mention. 


It is suggested to apply your Freedom Overlay Patch after cleaning the application area and on clean, dry skin.  Avoid bathing or getting wet, exercise or tedious activity for 6-8 hours after application to allow the adhesive time to fully adhere to your skin as it binds using your body heat. The longer it sets, the better results you will achieve.  With any adhesive patch, the adhesive properties warm to your skin temperature and seep into the pores of the skin creating an interlocking result on a microscopic level. During this time, you can use your Freedom Band for Dexcom G6 and case for best results, should you feel comfortable doing so.  



You can change out your patch as often as you wish with our Shell Back and 360 Protective case designs or Flexible Infiniflex series because the CGM OR Pump transmitter adhesive underneath remains undisturbed at all times. You can easily remove this patch with baby oil or Unisolve adhesive remover found on Amazon. 

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