BreezyPacks insulin cooling cases - Belt (Large Size)

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Breezy Belt

Our waist bag model, powered by self-regenerating phase change materials.

  • Main, temperature-controlled section & smaller back pocket for your phone, wallet etc.
  • Hidden pass-through hole suits insulin pump tubes
  • Dimensions - 25 * 12 * 8 cm (10*5*3 inch), 390g (0.85 lb)
  • Keeps up to 10 insulin pens or a variety of other medicine safe from the heat.
  • Internal dimensions (main section) - approx. 10*18*7 cm (4*7*3 inch)
  • Works for at least 8 consecutive hours at 38°C/100°F and longer at lower average temperatures.
  • Safe for use at up to 46°C/115°F for shorter durations.
  • Recharges by itself overnight (when temperatures are below 24°C/75°F) or in 1 hour in a fridge
  • Great for taking your medicine with you when traveling or in the outdoors!

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