Abbott Libre Freestyle CGM Overlay Patch - 10 pack of Plus Patches Cover Tape

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Plus Patches CGM Overlay Cover Tape Patches have 10-14 days holding power on your skin with NO FRAYING. The materials on the Plus Patches are designed for maximum wear time. The Polyurethane non-woven backing moves with your body (all around stretch) for ultimate comfort over the life of your overlay patch. The polyurethane is waterproof, sweatproof and highly breathable which allows for moisture to wick away from the device, giving you comfort that your device will last as long as the battery in the device. Our adhesive is a medical grade biocompatible adhesive that meets Biocomp 10993 standards for skin irritation and sensitization. We also use a non-woven fabric in the center of our Plus Patches so it doesn’t stick to your Libre Freestyle CGM device. Our liner system is optimized for a user to apply the overlays hassle free.

*Note: Plus patches are not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin. Plus patches are recommended to be worn for a minimum of three days before removing from the skin.

Size chart- Overall size of the Abbott Libre Freestyle Plus patch is a 3.0” Diameter with a 1.25” non-adhesive center

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