Type 1 Diabetic Rosie the Riveter vinyl decal with phrase choice. T1D laptop decals.

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Laptop/Computer/Device Size Rosie the Riveter for Type 1 Diabetes!
Size: 3” by 2”
Rosie is in white.
There are three different phrases to choose from!
(If you would like something else please feel free to reach out!)
~Type 1 Diabetic
~T1D Mom
~Diabadass Mom
You choose the secondary color, either Red or Blue!
(Decals will NOT adhere to rubber, latex, silicone or cloth.)
These vinyl decals are amazing for diabetics and their families. I have created about 10 for myself, and my two daughters. (My son has the bicep one.)
My daughters have put theirs on their mirrors in their rooms and bathrooms. They also both have them on their laptops and iPad cases. (The cases are hard plastic).
Stop by the shop and grab one for yourself, a family member or a friend. Remember, you are amazing!!

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