T1D|T2D Warrior Sticker with Rock N Roll Inspired Insulin Needle. Diabetic Stickers.

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NOT A DECAL—These are stickers.
Beautiful, 2.8” long by 2” wide (at the actual widest point)
A lot of love went into creating these two stickers!
They say “T1D” or “T2D” “Warrior” with an awesome insulin needle separating the two phrases.
The needle base color is blue. (For insulin)
The actual needle frame is an “off black”, which is pretty rad in my opinion! Along with red flowers and greenery wrapped oh so gently amongst the needle from tip to plunger. 🌹🌺
My sticker paper is durable, water resistant, glossy and adheres excellent!
Please choose T1D or T2D at checkout!!
Perfect for phone cases, paper, scrapbooking, journaling and so much more!

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