Mom of a T1D sticker pack. Type 1 momma bear device sticker pack.

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5 Pack of Stickers!
Created for the Mom of a T1D warrior for water bottles, scrapbooking, planners, laptops and much much more!
Stickers are waterproof, scratch proof, glossy and adhere beautifully!
Inside the pack you will receive:
💙 1 T1D Momma bear sticker
💙 1 Cure Type 1 Diabetes sticker
💙 1 November/butterfly sticker
💙 1 Mom of a T1D Warrior sticker
💙 1 T1D Awareness sticker
All Stickers are designed and created by us.
Each sticker is at least 1.5” in length. Widths vary to match the length properly.
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