Women's Activewear Leggings with Insulin Pump and Cell Phone Pockets by REVELwear

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If you're a woman who has been diagnosed with diabetes, finding athletic leggings that allow you to comfortably wear your insulin pump and cell phone is nearly impossible. We all know how hard it can be to find clothes for women with diabetes. The options are few and the quality is poor. Our athletic leggings are designed specifically for women with diabetes who want freedom of movement while they work out. Each pair has two pockets designed expressly for insulin pumps and cell phones. When worn properly, our pants will keep your pump safely against your body so that it doesn't bounce around as you work out! Plus, there's plenty of room inside the pockets for extra supplies like test strips and lancets! You'll die at how amazing the fabric is and you'll never want to take them off.


Christina is wearing a size Small.

She is 5' tall. Her waist measures 33" and her hips measure 40".

Aniysah is wearing a size Medium.

She is 5'8" tall. Her waist measures 33" and her hips measure 41".

Fabric Specifications: 80 % Polyester and 20% Spandex. Soft fabric that still has a HIGH-performance factor. It is a lovely blend of soft and sleek. You will enjoy a fabulous 4-way stretch and maximum comfort and flexibility. Athletic, functional, and breathable.

Simple and Secure: Slip your pump into the larger bottom section of the pocket. Feed your tubing through the outlet on the back of the pocket. Place the top flap over the pump to secure it in place. Now you are FREE.

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