Women's Activewear Cami Tank with Insulin pump and Cell Phone Pockets by REVELwear

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Product Description
Hiding an insulin pump and a cell phone is hard, but you need to wear cute workout clothes. This athletic cami tank top has two pockets for your insulin pump and your cell phone. It's made with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry during hot yoga or spin classes, so it won't stick to your skin when you're working out. Plus, the material is lightweight enough that it doesn't add bulk under other layers in cold weather either! The best part? No one will know what's inside these pockets unless they give them a good squeeze (and we don't recommend trying this at home). You'll look stylish while doing everything from CrossFit training to hiking up the mountain trails with this women's athletic cami tank top.


Kambree is wearing a size Medium.
She wears a Medium shirt.

Aniysah is wearing a size Small.
She wears a Small/Medium shirt.

Fabric Specifications: 80 % Polyester and 20% Spandex. Soft fabric that still has a HIGH-performance factor. It is a lovely blend of soft and sleek. You will enjoy a fabulous 4-way stretch and maximum comfort and flexibility. Athletic, functional, and breathable.

Simple and Secure: Slip your pump into the larger bottom section of the pocket. Feed your tubing through the outlet on the back of the pocket. Place the top flap over the pump to secure it in place. Now you

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