Wall Mount Insulin Caddy- Apidra®

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Insulin all over the butter drawer? NO MORE! We are a T1D family and we understand the necessity for organization.

We have designed a wall-mount insulin caddy(patent pending) for Apidra

(Insulin not included)

We specifically designed it to attach the wall of your refrigerator so you can claim back the door space and finally have some insulin organization without the fuss. Made from high quality PLA plastic for durability against refrigerator bumps!

Each wall mount caddy includes space for 5 standard vials of insulin and includes qty 2 command strips for easy application.

To Apply:

  1. Determine location of application.
  2. Wipe with alcohol wipe to clean the wall
  3. Remove command strip backing tape and press in place!


Each Caddy is print to order. Please allow 1-2 business days for shipping of this item.

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