VIVI Cap 1: Reusable Insulin Cooler Cap

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  • Scientifically proven to protect insulin
  • Works every day for years. No maintenance needed!
  • FSA/HSA eligible
  • CLICK-N-GO™-Simply take off the original pen cap and replace it with VIVI Cap.
  • Adds an additional cracking protection layer
  • Built-in temperature sensor with easy to read temperature indicator
  • Replaces pen cap- so it's always on your pen
  • Small & lightweight - fits in your purse or pocket
  • No need for water, ice packs, refrigeration, or battery charging
  • Choose your VIVI Cap for pre-filled or re-fillable insulin pens.
Compatible pens and drugs:

NovoLog® | NovoLog® Mix | Levemir® | Victoza® | NovoRapid® | Insulin Aspart | Novolin® R
NovoLog® | NovoRapid® | Tresiba® (Degludec) | Fiasp® | Levemir® U-100 & U-200 | Saxenda® | Ryzodeg® | Xultophy® | Ozempic®
Humalog® | Humalog® U-100 & U-200 | Humalog® Jr | Humalog® Mix | Basaglar® | Humulin® Mix | Humulin® | Humalog® R U-500 | Lyumjev® U-100 & U-200 | Insulin Lispro U-100
Apidra® | Lantus® | Admelog® | Soliqua®
*Sorry, but it does not fit Toujeo®

Eli Lilly®
Luxura® | Luxura HD® | Ergo II® | Savvio®
Novo Nordisk®
NovoPen 4® | NovoPen 5® | NovoPen Echo®
Medtronic® / Companion Medical

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The last mile challenge of the cold supply chain

Injectable pharmaceuticals have strict temperature storage indications. Temperature control is required from the manufacturer until the end of use but it is only strictly controlled until it reaches the pharmacy. Improper storage during use degrades the potency of pharmaceuticals, put patients at risk, and can cost lives.


50% of new drug products registered by the FDA in 2018 are temperature sensitive.

Pharmaceutical products worth hundreds of billions of dollars are exposed to temperatures that might damage their potency and risk lives while in use by patients.

How Should Insulin be Stored?
Before first use
All insulin formulations should be stored in a refrigerator at 36° to 46°F (2°-8°C) to keep their quality until the expiration date.
Max temperature 46°F (8°C ).
Should never allow to freeze.

After first use
Insulin can be stored at room temperature below 77°F or 86°F (25°C or 30°C) if used between 10 days-8 weeks.
Max temperature: 77°F or 86°F (25-30 °C).
Should never allow to freeze.
Should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
Some insulin pens should not be placed back in the fridge after first use.

How to make sure that insulin is kept in the safe zone while taking it with you everywhere every day?

VIVI Cap 1 keeps your insulin in the Safe Zone


How does VIVI Cap1 keep insulin always in the Safe Zone?

TempraMed's patented technology combines space grade thermal insulation with self regenerative heat absorbing material and monitoring electronics to form the first protective storage solution for pharmaceuticals that is hassle free and last for years.

Scientifically Validated

In a scientific trial conducted to compare VIVI Cap with other storage devices, VIVI Cap was found superior with respect to stabilizing insulin aspart during storage under extreme temperature conditions. Results revealed that the VIVI Cap device provides an exceptionable, easy to use solution for maintaining insulin efficacy under daily life conditions.

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