TuckYourPump TuckTop™ Long Sleeves

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TuckYourPump TuckTops™ have apatented pocket system to securely and comfortably hold your pump close to your body and make itas discreet and easy to access as a cell phone!

These stylish, wardrobe-flexible tops areindistinguishable from regular fashion wear; their medical functionality is completely discreet, providing ease and normalcy to pump-users.

  • Flexibility for infusion-set placementfromTWOreinforced tubing portholes, one in each the left and right lower pockets.
  • Carry glucose tabs, snacks, your wallet, keys, and morein 9 pockets-2 zippered, an internal wallet latch, and a glasses loop. Added functionality that lets you go purse-free!
  • All day comfort from our superbly soft, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial fabric.

Made in Canadafor lasting quality and ethical, sustainable production.

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In most cases, you should order your regular size. The TuckTop is designed to fit closely but comfortably over the hips for best functionality. Our super-soft 4-way fabric adapts well to many body shapes within a given size.

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