The Hangtite Insulin Pen Holder-Glacier White

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The HangTite insulin pen holder is designed to mount inside your refrigerator and neatly organize your insulin pens so you can see how many insulin pens you have at a quick glance.


  • Saves space inside your refrigerator
  • Securely holds 5 insulin pens
  • Keeps insulin pens neatly stored
  • Pens can be easily inserted or removed
  • See your pens at a quick glance
  • No clutter and No lost pens
  • Easy installation with 3M double sided tape (included)
  • Hang vertically or horizontally
  • Available in various colors
  • Easy to install & easy to use
  • Holds various sizes of pens from different manufacturers
  • Holds various weight loss pens & other medicinal injection pens
  • Projects only 3/4" from side wall of the refrigerator
  • Made of polypropylene (PP)
  • Can be removed without damage to refrigerator walls
  • 6-3/4" x 5-1/4" x 3/4" 

Since pens snap right into the holder, it’s easy to see at a glance how many pens you have on hand. Your pens are kept organized in one easy location, keeping them from moving around or getting lost. Simply place the insulin pens into the HangTite and get rid of the bulky boxes they’re packaged in!


The following list was generated by product testing by HangTite, customer feedback, and third party testers. This list may change at any time and may not include all the compatible pens. Please contact HangTite if you have questions to whether your type of pen will work.

  • Abbvie Humira Pen (Insert red capped side into HangTite holder)
  • Apidra SoloStar Pen
  • AstraZeneca Byetta Pen
  • AstraZeneca SymlinPen 60 Pen Injector
  • AstraZeneca SymlinPen 120 Pen Injector
  • Immunex Corporation Enbrel SureClick Autoinjector
  • Insulatard 5x3ml FlexPen 
  • Lilly Basaglar KwikPen
  • Lilly Humalog KwikPen
  • Lilly Humalog Mix 25 KwikPen
  • Lilly Humalog Mix 50 KwikPen 
  • Lilly Humalog Mix 50/50 KwikPen 
  • Lilly Humalog Mix 75/25 KwikPen
  • Lilly Humulin N KwikPen
  • Lilly Humulin 70/30 KwikPen
  • Lilly Humulin R U-500 KwikPen
  • Novo Nordisk Insulatard FlexPen
  • Novo Nordisk Novolog FlexPen
  • Novo Nordisk NovoMix 70/30 FlexPen 
  • Novo Nordisk NovoRapid FlexPen
  • Novo Nordisk Levemir FlexPen
  • Novo Nordisk Levemir FlexTouch Pen
  • Novo Nordisk Ryzodeg FlexTouch Pen
  • Novo Nordisk Saxenda Weight Loss Shot
  • Novo Nordisk Tresiba FlexTouch Pen
  • Novo Nordisk Victoza FlexPen
  • Novo Nordisk Xultophy FlexTouch Pen
  • Sanofi AllStar Pen
  • Sanofi Lantus SoloStar Pen
  • Sanofi Lyxumia 10 Pen
  • Sanofi Lyxumia 20 Pen
  • Sanofi Soliqua 100/33 Pen
  • Sanofi Toujeo SoloStar Pen

US Patent No. 11,235,098 B2

Issued 01 Feb 2022

Deck My Diabetes is proud to be a distributor for Hangtite Insulin Pen Holders.

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