The Diabetic Athletic Lifestyle Accelerator Program - The Essential Program

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What You Get When You Purchase The ESSENTIAL Program:

  • 365 days Access To Training Programs, Nutrition Programs, ALL Resources, & More!
  • ​24/7 Access to Online Coaching Support & Guidance
  • ​Ready made Eating Plans, Training Plans, Diabetic Strategies and Diabetic Lifestyle Programs For You To Choose From.
  • ​​BONUS : 1 on 1 Private Coaching Call (1hr) - Setting You Up For Absolute Success From The Very Start!

Why Should You Choose The Diabetic Athletic Lifestyle Accelerator Programs?

There is no shortage of diabetic products and programs out there today. The unfortunate but true fact is that over 90% of all diabetic improvement related solutions fail to deliver. Diabetic friendly foods, random workouts, meal plans and advice, just don’t work. But there is something that does…and I’d like to give you the opportunity to learn more about it – risk free. I could talk about the benefits of the diabetic athletic lifestyle accelerator and my proven system all day long.

But Nothing I Say Will Be As Convincing As Me Telling You That It’s Either Your Absolute Results Or 100% Of Your Money Back!

  • You’ve been told you need to “eat less”, and “move more” to lose weight… but it hasn’t worked.
  • You’ve been told you need to improve your time in range, lower your A1c, Carb count, and exercise more - but how do you apply that to your current and busy lifestyle?
  • If you feel like you’ve tried all of the usual diabetic advice, diets for fat loss or building better muscle tone, or perhaps you’ve been getting advice from other struggling diabetics

I am here to tell you that your success and the ease at which you achieve that success, is 100% dependent on the quality of your support systems, your coaches, trainer, mentor, your diabetic educator, and how it all gets delivered and tailor-made to you, your abilities, limitations and current starting points.

Diabetes is a person specific condition and requires educated, informed, true, tried, and tested advice and let’s not forget a step by step plan of action to apply the advice. This is why I have developed the Diabetic Athletic Lifestyle Accelerator.


The points that REALLY MATTER are...

  • I Get ALL My Clients Their Results 100% Of The Time - My Promise To You Is EVERYTHING, & My Promise Is Delivering Your Results.
  • I've Spent Years Creating Systems That Protect You From Failure.
  • I Truly Believe You Are The Hero Of This Story - This Is A Key Factor To Your Success.
  • There Are very Few Online Program For Diabetics That Are Designed By Experienced Diabetic Fitness Professionals That Have Decades Of Industry Experience in Person Specific Life Coaching, Support, Nutrition AND Exercise Programs.

I don't claim to know it all, however, I’m 100% qualified & confident to talk all things diabetes and getting in shape. Here’s why…

  • I Have Lived As A Type 1 Diabetic For Over 26 Years.
  • I Have Competed In Sports At National Levels.
  • I Am A Strength & Conditioning Coach By Profession And Have Owned Multiple Fitness Facilities Over The Last Decade.
  • ​I Have Helped 1000's Of People (Both Diabetic and Non Diabetic) Get In Shape And Successfully Improve Their Quality Of Life With Better Impact, Freedom & Control.

Please Click on The Diabetic Athletic - Nicholas Caracandas to learn more about me and how I can help you!

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