Sport Slim Medical Alert ID Bracelets – Free Custom Engraved

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Product Description 

  • REVERSIBLE Sport Slim Medical Alert ID Bracelet. (Note: Solid black is NOT reversible)
  • Waterproof, Hypoallergenic Silicone Construction
  • Cut to Size.  Fits Wrist Sizes 5 3/4″ to 9 1/4″
  • Includes 9 Lines of Custom Engraving
  • Hand Written or Online Emergency Medical Card
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Free Shipping!

ADD-ON OPTION: Star of Life Badge for Visibility is an extra $6.95.  If desired, please check the box on product page and it will be added into your cart.  


Engraving Guidelines:


Anything may be engraved on your medical jewelry provided that space allows. The order of our suggested engraving format would be:

1) First and Last Name

2) Date of Birth (DOB)

3) Medical Conditions

4) Life Threatening Medications (i.e. blood thinners)

5) Allergic to: _____________

6) Emergency Contacts (ICE: name, phone)

Engraving your name on your medical ID is a personal preference but we recommend that at least your first name is included. In an emergency, emergency responders will say a person’s name to get their attention and check for responsiveness. We recommend that all Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other mentally compromised patients engrave their name and address or contact information of a friend, caregiver or family member.

List only those medical conditions that would be important in an emergency. For example, a minor surgery that took place several years ago may no longer be relevant to your current medical care.

List only medicines you wish to be engraved. Generally, this would be prescription medicine, taken on a long-term daily basis which are unlikely to change. You may wish to list the most important medicines first.

List only those allergies which are severe and can cause a life threatening event.

Space is limited, so summarize your information with short, descriptive words. We provide Emergency Medical Cards with every purchase that can include as much detail as you would like.

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