Skin Grip Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patches

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No More Lost Sensors:
Keeps your Libre continuous glucose monitor safe for up to two weeks.

Soft On Skin:
Patches are free of latex, FDA approved, medical-grade, and hypoallergenic.

Do The Things You Love:
Sweatproof tape provide peace of mind while swimming, showering, or exercising. Do all the things you care about without your Libre device detaching.

Comfortable & Quick Drying:
So thin and comfortable, you won't even know it's there... until someone comments on your "robot" device.

Moves With Your Motion:
The 4-way elastic material mimics the flexing of your body to avoid catching and pulling your skin.

Quick Application:
Backing paper is split into 4 sections for painless application.

If you don't love them, return them within 30 days for a complete refund. That's our promise.

  • Compatible with: Abbott Freestyle Libre, Libre Pro, Libre 14-day

Why Use an Adhesive Patch?

1. Save Money - Sensors are expensive. Even if you have insurance, your insurance provider is rarely happy when you need sensor replacements. Using Freestyle Libre patches allow you to save a lot of money.

2. Stress Less - When you have a sensor come loose youget stressed. You no longer are able to accurately manage your blood sugar levels. You have to resort to finger pricks. This is stressful. With a Freestyle Libre adhesive patch these moments will no longer happen. Your Libre sensors will stay secured no matter what you are doing.

3. Do What You Love - How many times have you not participated in an activity because you were worried about your Freestyle Libre sensor getting wet or roughed up? With an adhesive patch you can do what you love with peace of mind. Your sensor isn't going anywhere.

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