Men's Loungewear Boxer Briefs with Pump Pockets by REVELwear

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Insulin Pump Pocket Briefs for Men by RevelWear

The Bamboo Insulin Pump Pocket Boxer Briefs are the perfect solution for managing an insulin pump discreetly and comfortably! These boxer briefs have two pockets to hold your pump securely in place. You decide which side works best for you. No more worries about painful pinching or chafing. No more worries about losing your pump at night. These undies are soft against sensitive skin and made out of bamboo fiber which naturally wicks moisture away from your body so they won't get damp and clammy as cotton underwear do. You need something that will keep your insulin pump secure and comfortable without being too noticeable under your clothing. And not just for everyday use, but also for sleep and the downtime you deserve!

Sizing Recommendation: The lux bamboo fabric has a looser fit than athletic blends (which have more spandex). Measure first and plan on a comfortable fit with room to breathe.

Andrew (white Shirt) is wearing a size Large.
He is 6' tall. His hips measure 42", his waist at 37"
and his thigh at 20".
Archelaus (grey shirt) is wearing a size large.
He is 5'9". His hips measure 46", and his waist at 44"
and his thigh at 23".

Fabric Specifications:95% Bamboo 5% Spandex The ultimate in sustainable eco-friendly Loungewear. Recommended for: Loungewear, sleep, light activity. | Bamboo is: Renewable, Sustainable, Organic, and Natural. Not only is it a good choice for our global environment, but because it is a natural fiber, bamboo is cool, breathable, and comfortable. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial which means it does not need heavy chemical treatments to make it antibacterial-- instead, this is its natural state. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic too. Unlike cotton, which retains moisture and creates the perfect environment for bacteria growth, bamboo pulls moisture from your skin, leaving you fresh and less prone to allergic reactions and infection in sensitive areas: including your PUMP SITE.

Simple and Secure: Slip your pump into the larger bottom section of the pocket. Feed your tubing through the outlet on the back of the pocket. Place the top flap over the pump to secure it in place. Now you are FREE.

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