Medtronic Guardian 3: Arm Leg Waist Protective Cover & 2" Wide Velcro® Adjustable Freedom Band by Freedom Band

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Guardian gone no more.  Universal, all-in-one Medtronic Guardian arm, leg & torso armband, leg and torso bandage protection system will pay for itself time and time again and is fun to accessorize. The ultimate Medtronic Guardian Insulin Pump companion and your on-call wingman. Every CGM & Diabetic Insulin Pump Freedom Band that we create is born with attention to detail, motivated and ready to serve.  Reactivate yours or a loved ones life with peace of mind and freedom of worry free adventure. The sleek design features a transmitter lock-in to hold the pump body and adhesive to the patch secure. Gift original. Gift thoughtful. Gift amazing.

COMPATIBLE WITH:  630 - 640 - 670 - 770 - GUARDIAN 3


  • WORLDWIDE Delivery w/ Tracking (concealed & gift ready)
  • 1 50/50 Vibrant Color Freedom Series Medtronic Medtronic 630 640 670 Guardian Compatible Protective Case (lifetime warranty)
  • 2 Fully Adjustable Soft & Cinch Fabric Covered Elastic Hook & Loop Adjustable Bands  (limited lifetime warranty)
  • BONUS: One 2" Inch Wide Plastic Conversion Clip (overlap Hook & Loop Adjustable to cinch belt style band adjustment)
  • Complete Guardian & Patch Overlay Coverage 
  • Perforated & Breathable Machine Washable Bands (washing tie included)
  • Soft-loop Hook & Loop Adjustable "2 Inch Patch Customization Ready Bands
  • All-In-One Fitment: Limbs & Torso (single or combine bands for fitment)
  • Lifetime Case Warranty/Guarantee
  • USA Delivery (3-7 Business Days)
  • Worldwide Delivery (10-21 Business Days)


Our customers have shared with us times they chose the Freedom Band to protect their glucose monitors and transmitter and adhesive bandage from sweat, grime, grit, dirt oils or sudden removal accidents because our system perfectly covers your CGM and the bandage from loss during: 

  • Swimming, Beach & Lakes (shields debris, sand & dirt)
  • Sports (football, baseball, soccer & etc.)
  • School Days (parental peace of mind)
  • Camping (snags from trees & bushes)
  • Hiking ( snags, sweat & debris)
  • Running, Jogging & Walking (sweat, slipping & gravity)
  • Weight Training  & Yoga
  • Sleeping & Lounging
  • Dancing & Concerts
  • Karate, Wrestling, Jujitsu & etc.
  • Sporting Events
  • Chores & Housework
  • Skiing Snowboarding, Tubing & etc.
  • Summer Camps
  • Protect Failing Bandages
  • Anytime!


The multi-directional mounted band and patent pending case design is unique to itself by allowing users to wear and protect their CGM and adhesives, virtually anywhere on the body that a Medtronic 630 640 670 Guardian is recommended.  Using one of the two bands provided, move your Medtronic 630 640 670 Guardian from the arm, to the forearm. Add the extra band included and move easily to your thighs to calves, chest or tummy to the waist and upper buttocks. A one size fits all situation, just add or remove the extra band and adjust the band length to suite your need. The Take a look in our video library section for helpful videos showing the Freedom Band in action. 


Sizing is easy. Measure the smallest and largest area you wear your Medtronic 630 640 670 Guardian or Diabetic Insulin Pump transmitter. Then, refer to the size menu in the drop-down in the add-to-cart section on this page and add to your cart the size that works for you. Generally your arm (smallest) and stomach (largest). The Freedom band is designed to fit without excess band issues. That's what makes our Freedom Band really special. If you would like help with your measurements, please see our measuring up section. If you need help, contact us or visit us on Facebook. 

Example: Arm is 12" Round and Waist is 32" Round. Any 10-44" Inch band is designed to fit every part of your body comfortable, correctly and without excess band, ever. Visit our How To Measure Up FAQ Section if you need assistance. 


We have created a user help, tips, care and FAQ section in the top navigation menu to help answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us anytime or active a live chat in the bottom right and let us help you.

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