Insulin Pen Needle Pocket Container | 3 Pack

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If you don’t like the look of the normal bulky bright yellow sharps bin, here is the product for you! The Glucology Pen Needle Pocket Container is one of the smallest in the range. The compact stylish design means it can fit into a pocket or handbag. It is tiny enough to take out during your day-to-day life without weighing you down and on short trips and holidays. A unique discrete design, you wouldn’t know it was a sharps bin.


Glucology™ Pen Needle Pocket Containers are made to keep up with you. They are designed to give you an easy way to dispose of used needle points and test strips on the go.
Protect yourself and people around you by disposing of used needle points and test strips quickly. Glucology™ Pen Needle Pocket Containers give you a secure, clean, solution, for used equipment.
Each Pocket container can hold 25x needle tips PLUS used lancets AND test strips. When a container is full simply ‘lock’ using the secure locking mechanism for safe and permanent disposal!
Each container is so small and well-designed that they easily fit into a trouser pocket or clutch. No bulky bags or backpacks required! Just pop one in your pocket and you’re good to go.
Glucology™ Pen Needle Pocket Containers are designed to fit a wide range of pen needle tips. Simple insert pen and tip into the container, twist, and the needle tip will drop in!
3 IN 1
Each pack comes with 3x Glucology™ Pen Needle Pocket Containers; that would hold 75x needle points AND lancets, AND test strips!

1. Slide to open the container
2. Dispose of the pen needle and strips by inserting the pen tip in and twist to release the needle into the bin
3. Remember to dispose of used needles WITHOUT plastic cap
4. Once the container is full, slide to lock permanently before disposal

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