Insulin Extraction Tool

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Easy to use insulin cartridge filling tool.

- Cartridge and syringe fit perfectly in this tool, allowing for ease of insulin fill into cartridge.
- 3D Dream Makers design has a corner end perfectly designed as a cartridge removal tool.
- Compatible with t:Slim x2 Insulin Cartridges.
- Protects against accidental needle sticks.
- 3D Printed out of PLA Plastic

The Insulin Extraction Tool is compatible with Lispro U100 vial (55mmx23mm-cap (5mmx14mm)) and Lantus 100 ml vial(63mmx10mm-cap(4mmx14mm)).  It can be used with vials of similar dimensions in terms of height and diameter. This tool is designed to work with BD and Exel 3ml syringes.
Cartridge and Syringe not included.

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