Insulet Omnipod 5 Dash & Eros : Waterproof Overlay Patch "D Shaped" Overlay Adhesive Tape by Freedom Band

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Omnipod 5, Dash & Eros  : 3.25 x 4" INCH WATERPROOF ADHESIVE OVERLAY PATCH

Specially formulated and designed to work seamlessly with our Shell Back and 360 protective case designs OR alone and will fit all new Omnipod 5, Dash & Eros Insulin pump devices. Our waterproof comfort patches are carefully designed to fit perfectly around the case and provide 360 degrees of adhesive protection. 

Ultra-thin, we've created this patch to be lightweight and stretchable with little to no patch edge disturbance. Created by a Type one diabetic for diabetics. Combined with the cases we offer, depending on your activity you can provide yourself with absolute peace of mind. You can also use the Case & Band set. This patch arrives to the world and has been months in the making and is chemically designed in the medical field for a patients skin.  It's designed to adhere to the skin for 7-10 days, sometimes longer!   


  • Waterproof LATEX FREE & Hypoallergenic 
  • Non-adhesive center allows removal without disturbing the CGM or Sensor
  • Unique "No Touch" 3 Part Backing. (Easy and touchless adhesive application- see video)
  • 3 step peel application process to reduce bandage overlapping and messy application.
  • Tagaderm medical grade style properties
  • Pull Sideways Removal (no skin irritation)
  • Works with Shell Back Freedom Case & Band system



For best results, apply our patches to clean and prepared skin. Watch the application video to help achieve best results. Use in conjunction with the Omnipod adhesive. 


Ensure body hair is properly trimmed before application to ensure the most comfort upon removal. These stick really well.  Let set for 4-6 hours before showering. The adhesive will activate with your body heat and the longer it's on, the more it will stick.


It is suggested to apply your Freedom Patch after cleaning the area and on dry skin. Do not bathe or get wet for 4-6 hours after application to allow the adhesive time to fully adhere to your skin. The longer it sets, the better results you will achieve.  With any adhesive patch, the adhesive properties warm to your skin temperature and seep into the pores of the skin creating an interlocking result on a microscopic level. During this time, you can use your Omnipod Dash protective bands for added protection while it sets for best results. 



You can change out your patch as often as you wish with our Shell Back and 360 Protective case designs, because the transmitter adhesive underneath is untouched at all times. You would remove this patch with baby oil or Unisolve.

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