Hearts around the World Underlay Patch for Sensitive Skin - Libre 2

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Do you have skin irritation, itchy skin, or rashes caused by adhesives?

If so, the Underlay Patch may solve your problem without all of the expensive products or lotions. Once you have prepped the skin, apply the Underlay Patch, and place the sensor over the patch. The sensors inserter is strong enough to penetrate the Underlay Patch and the skin to create a complete barrier between both the skin and adhesive.

You could also apply an Overlay Patch (optional), shown in red, on top of the sensor to give it that extra security and uniqueness.

Device:?? Freestyle Libre

  • Pressure-sensitive high tack adhesive
  • Elastic and will not fray
  • Non-Latex
  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • Wearability Time - Sensor life and longer
  • Size: 2.25 inches in diameter


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