Girl's Everyday Stretch Underwear with Insulin Pump Pockets by REVELwear

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Product Description
Little girls want to wear all the cute clothes, but there are some things that can be hard for them. Girls with insulin pumps have to worry about their pump falling out of their pockets and getting damaged or lost. This is why we created Girl's Everyday Stretch Underwear with Insulin Pump Pockets! Our underwear has special pockets on the side where you can slide your pump into it so it won't fall out when your child bends over or runs around at recess. By purchasing our product, you will no longer have to worry about your little girl losing her pump because she wants to wear a skirt or dress at school. She'll also feel more confident knowing that her insulin pump is secure in an area that doesn't show through clothing like regular pants do.


Indie is wearing a size Small.
She is 3'10" tall. She wears a size 6 in pants.
Her hips measure 24" and her thigh is 13".

Fabric Specifications: 95% Rayon 5 % Spandex. Brushed, soft, and perfectly weighted. This rayon blend is a go-to stretchy fabric that works in everyday life. The fabric functions best as undershirts and underwear, completely elevated to a functional level. This is a medium-weight fabric with light compression and high quality.

Simple and Secure: Slip your pump into the larger bottom section of the pocket. Feed your tubing through the outlet on the back of the pocket. Place the top flap over the pump to secure it in place. Now you are FREE.

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