Freestyle Libre/libre 2 Reader and 6 Sensor Stickers - Panda Mermaid Pink by Diabitys

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Diabitys products are available again due to popular demand; however, orders can only be fulfilled and sent out once per week at this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Decorate your freestyle libre/libre 2 reader and sensors with diabitys stickers.

This sticker is specially designed for the freestyle libre/libre 2 reader and sensor.

Water resistant matte adhesive vinyl, easy to apply.

Please note you are purchasing one sticker for your freestyle libre/libre 2 reader and six stickers for your libre sensors only, no reader or sensors are included in sale.

The product that you are purchasing is a STICKER intended to decorate a medical device. No medical devices, medicine, or medical equipment are sold on The Useless Pancreas.

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