FlexiArmor SKULLS Dexcom G6 Cover - *Reusable*

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This reusable cover will help protect your Dexcom G6 sensor during normal, daily activities.

  • It keeps your clothing from pulling on the sensor when you change clothes, at work, or during exercise.
  • It keeps the sensor in place should it accidentally get caught on something;
  • It also keeps the sensor in place while changing your top over-patch.

The flexible TPU material makes the cover more comfortable to wear!

*Covers should be worn under the clear over-patch.

*As these covers are reusable, they can be cleaned with adhesive remover and washed thoroughly with soap and water between uses.

*The Dexcom G6 should always be used in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer; any depictions of user applications are sent to us by our customers and are not meant to depict suggested use of the G6 monitor.

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