FlexiArmor Sensitive underlay for Medtronic Guardian/Enlite

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I designed this patch to allow Guardian/Enlite users to replace the adhesive that they are allergic to with an adhesive of their own choice. Most of the users who tested the product reported using Skin Tac. Apply a layer of the adhesive and let it get tacky, then place the Sensitive Patch on the device, deploy the Guardian/Enlite normally, you can use a FlexiArmor cover to help secure the sensor, or simply apply an over patch. Our testers reported greatly reduced and even eliminated irritation. This is an improvised solution not approved the manufacturer and we offer no guarantees.If you want multiple colors in your multi pack, or if you are ordering a FlexiArmor cover along with your patches, please indicate the style or colors desired in the customization section.

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