Essential Worker Happy Mail Package

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Do you have a friend or family member who is totally rocking it right now? They are a superhero, showing up to work each day with a smile! 

Whether they are a front line healthcare worker, your endo, diabetes educator, or your school nurse, I'm sure they can use some extra cheer during these unpredictable times! 

These packages are FULL of pick me ups and are made to be affordable so you can send one to those who need it most! I can send these directly to a recipient.

Includes a bandaid, rainbow, or T1d awareness ribbon, in pin or magnet form!

I will drop an encouraging card and about 5 curated freebies.

Freebies will vary with each package but may include: 

pamper item-either a face mask or bath bomb! 
cozy item-maybe some socks or a scrunchy to help remind your recipient to kick back and relax
A sweet item- some LIFESAVER candies or maybe some gum to thank them for going the EXTRA mile. 
doodle item- maybe they'll receive a highlighter syringe, a retractable pill pen, or a little notebook to help them write down their dreams, visions, hopes, or maybe just to keep track of their daily tasks!
fun item-  a sun, a rainbow, plant, stress toy, bookmark, flip sequin keychain, etc.

Clay pieces will measure about 1.5-2" big and will be packaged in a cellophane sleeve.

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