DiaBuddies Social Club For Kids Aged 9-13 - Free Trial Class

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Sign up for more information and to schedule a trial class for DiaBuddies Social Club for Kids Aged 9-13. Feel free to add any comments or concerns in the provided Comments Box.

Class Experience:
This is a social club for children with diabetes who want to connect with others and make friends who share a similar experience. This is not a class where the student will be taught about a topic, but a fun club meeting. The class is designed for children with diabetes who may want to meet other children who are diabetic. It offers a welcoming environment for those wanting to speak about their identity as it relates to their disability, and how it relates to other aspects of their lives or personality.

Sample class activities include:
March 01 - Would You Rather + Free talk
March 08 - Q&A and free talk
March 15 - Jeopardy and discussion
March 22 - Would You Rather + Free talk
March 29 - Top 5 game (Family Feud)

Discussion topics: school, hobbies, favorite snacks, diabetes devices/ gear, family, sports, TV shows/ movies, experiences related to diabetes.

I will bring up the topics for discussion. The students will interact with each other verbally for the entire 30 minutes. This class is designed for children who have diabetes, looking to make "diabuddies" (buddies who have diabetes.) So they should be able to speak about their experience having the disease on a very basic level.

We will:
- tell stories about our own experiences
- ask questions
- give encouragement to others

We will not:
- give advice about pump / MDI therapy, dosing, dieting, etc.
- comment on someone else's management

**Disclaimer: I will not be giving any medical advice or therapy whatsoever. Students will be instructed to not give any advice to each other. This is a class designed to provide connection and support, not advice or therapy.

More About Me:

My name is Dana. Nice to meet you! I am the facilitator of DiaBuddies--a social group for kids with Type 1 diabetes. I have had type 1 diabetes since 2001. I have years of experience working with children and teens who have diabetes and similar medical disabilities and also offer support to parents of newly diagnosed children with diabetes. I have created, hosted and facilitated several support groups for both teens and young adults who have diabetes. Please check out my profile page to learn more about me and my classes!

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